Reflection on PARCEL+POST EXPO Virtual ‘Live’ 2020 Conference

December 7, 2020

ETRONIKA took part in the PARCEL+POST EXPO Virtual ‘Live’ Conference in October 2020.

Michailas Traubas, our Solution Architect and Head of Sales spoke and presented at the PARCEL+POST EXPO Virtual ‘Live’ Conference in October 2020.

His presentation focused on the long-term transformation of the post offices from traditional mail & parcel business models to the digital-first service providers, and the demands for the supporting software technology. Based on the delivery experience in Kyrgyzstan, the key principles for the transformation have been outlined – the counter automation, centralisation of data flows, reporting and product/partner management.

As the practice shows, the delivery of financial services is very natural for majority of postal operators, so what is needed is introduction of more robust and versatile platforms, which will help to add multiple financial service partners with minimal effort. Based on the delivery practice in financial services, the public services can follow; and the right mix of technology and business practices can help to transform the post office into a marketplace for 3rd-party services, thus giving the Post office a completely new role in the modern world, and specifically in the markets where access to e-services is not universal.

The follow-up panel discussion was held around the topics of digital transformation in the postal services and its impact in the COVID-19 era. Panel discussion was moderated by Derek Osborn, International postal and business coach Whatnext4u, UK. Panelists: Dr. Thomas Bayer, VP of digital postal/parcel, Siemens Logistics GmbH, Germany, Frank Yu, Principal consultant, Pacific Consulting Group, Australia and Michailas Traubas, Solution Architect/Head of Sales, ETRONIKA, Lithuania.

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