Post office digitalization

Worldwide the transformation of post offices progresses. Increasingly post offices are seen as retail outlets providing convenient access to a broad range of services, from financial services, government services, social, telecommunications and postal services. The transformation results in restyling post offices, training postal staff in customer centricity and especially implementing the technical conditions. These technical conditions include power supply, data communications, security and IT. UPU’s statistics for 2018 indicate that more than 200,000 of the 667,000 post offices worldwide have no IT systems to support the services at the counter for clients. Another 150,000 post offices have counter automation but incomplete or outdated. Nearly all of these 350,000 pot offices are located in the developing world, in particular in small countries, where mail volumes are marginalized and the future of the post office is all about becoming a digital service centre for the local community.

Most governments and international institutions recognize the value and potential of the existing post offices in expanding access to ICT-based services, in particular to digital financial services, e-commerce and e-government.  Hence Posts around the world are in need of implementation of IT solutions that enable the post offices to act as the link between the physical and digital world.

ETRONIKA’s KASU appears to be the right match for digitalization of the services at post offices. It is a comprehensive software solution able to cover a broad range of diverse types of services. It is very user friendly, in principle touch-screen, and it comes with customization, and staff training. The KASU platform is interoperable and open for integration of third-party services of e.g. banks, telecoms, utilities, public sector agencies. It is really flexible, and integration is resolved within a very short time frame. Implementation of KASU means for the post offices an enormous gain in quality of service, improved client centricity and much better cost-efficiency. KASU has an interface for the link with the Post’s accounting system or ERP. That is essential for financial management, control and reporting.

The implementation of ETRONIKA’s KASU platform at 100’s of post offices in rural Kyrgyzstan is the change maker; isolated, small communities in mountainous areas have now access to a wide range of digital services at the post office. No need to travel 50 kilometers to the nearest bank branch or ATM.

Hans Boon is a world-renowned expert in postal financial reform with 30 years leading or participating programs in 70+ countries worldwide. Most of the initiatives focus on increasing digital financial inclusion, partnership building of the Posts with financial institutions, and corporate transformation.

Hans is a practitioner, leads now PostFinance International Development, was CEO of the Armenian Post, and held management positions in ING and Netherlands Postbank.

He has extensive experience in working with the World Bank Group, IFAD, UPU, UNDP, UNCDF, WSBI, ADB, EC, AUC, Governments and Central Banks. He headed the team to assist the Brazilian government setting up Banco Postal, and authored many research publications about postal networks expanding access to financial services.