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Taking financial institutions a step ahead

BANKTRON Open Banking provides a robust set of APIs and management tools to comply with PSD2 requirements and go beyond compliance demands.

Every financial institution is facing compliance requirements, and typically the smaller institution is, the higher the financial burden. With our Open Banking solution, we want to tackle the compliance requirements first, and to address further Open Banking demands as they are identified. Michailas Traubas Solution Architect

WHY BANKTRON Open Banking?

Our Open Banking solution focuses on PSD2 compliance needs and strictly follows the Regulatory Technical Standard, as well as regulatory requirements, specific for every market.

PSD2 Compliance

We start with PSD2 compliance APIs first – Access to Accounts and Payment Initiation. We include commitment to comply with the regulatory requirements for the whole system lifetime, and to undertake whatever changes and enhancements necessary to keep compliant.

Our compliance offering includes:


Consent Management tools

API Management

API (Developer) Sandbox & documentation

Complimentary services


User Authentication
Account balance, statement, operation details
Note: BANKTRON Open Banking APIs follow the NextGenPSD2 Framework guidelines, developed by the Berlin Group.

Consent Management

Registration of user consents
Forms and web services to access and manage consent data

Management Tools

API Management
Usage reporting and monitoring
Account aggregation service control
(Optional) Regulatory reporting facility

Deployment options

We offer 2 implementation modes:
COMPLETE PLATFORM IMPLEMENTATION Open Banking is a new digital interaction channel for financial services customers, thus if you opt for our Mobile or Internet solution, our Open Banking will be definitely the fastest and easiest option to implement.
FAST-TRACK IMPLEMENTATION OF OPEN BANKINGThe architecture of Open Banking solution has been built to allow fast implementation by focusing on interoperability with existing Internet Banking solution and augmenting existing channels with API capability.

Comprehensive services

Support and Maintenance. Our Support and Maintenance service includes 3rd-line support, consultancy and our 2+ years regulatory compliance warranty.
DEVELOPER SANDBOX HOSTING The service lowers demands for Your IT and allows to meet the PSD2 RTS requirements for API testing; it includes maintenance of the API documentation, versioning and release management, Sandbox upgrades and API key management (wherever required).
TPP (THIRD PARTY PROVIDER) SUPPORT Put ETRONIKA in front of TPPs and system integrators, accessing developer sandbox and production APIs. By offering 1st-line support towards API consumers, we help the Banks to reduce pressure on their support teams and lower the communication overhead and time required to answer TPP requests.

Building new api

BANKTRON Open Banking is extendable and scalable – our team is ready to support you with the development and deployment of new tailored APIs to the sandbox and production environments whenever needed.


Want to build your Open Banking solution yourself and would like to get some advice on the compliance and implementation challenges? Just visit our Consulting page.

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BANKTRON Open Banking is a solution for safe and robust API implementation. Contact us to learn more about how ETRONIKA can help you to comply with PSD2 requirements and open your banking services to 3rd-party providers.