NUI banking

ETRONIKA is the first in the world to introduce prototype of online banking application that uses natural user interface (NUI). Our Kinect-powered solution enables users to control and interact with online banking without touching keyboard or mouse.

ETRONIKA NUI Banking Demo (Part I)
Demo shows the functionality of this application.
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ETRONIKA NUI Banking Demo (Part II)
Demo shows loging with face and voice recognition, and controling the different banking services with gestures and voice commands.
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NUI – what is this new thing?
If you want to know what it comes to computing in the future, you have to know NUI. For many, Natural User Interface (NUI) is a new term, but it is one of the favorite flavors du jour in certain interaction design and user experience circles.

This emerging concept in human-computer interaction refers to an interface that enables a user with control over the tool or digital content by relatively natural means of communication. The central ideas of user control include: voice recognition, finger identification, movements or gestures, gaze vector, facial expression, biometrics, and similar. The goal of NUI is to make computing and technology simple to use, everywhere around us, accessible to people with minimal technical expertise, reliable and more intuitive.

Identification and authentication
The first thing you will notice – the ease and simplicity of being identified just by looking at a device and speaking a phrase. The solution mirrors human identification by analyzing a user’s face and voice. For this ETRONIKA uses its own and third party biometric user authentication and identification technology. As an additional security measure, when you login or make a payment you must verify it by entering e-signature’s PIN code into your mobile phone. If you step back or leave the area observed by the Kinect sensor you will be disconnected from your online banking session.

Software control
After logging in, users can navigate the system using voice commands and sweeping hand gestures. You can scroll through the different services, such as accounts, balance, statements, payments and offers, with a swipe of your hand. If you get lost – just say “Help”.

The solution includes the e-channel’s management engine that permits integration with core banking system and public systems through web services. This means that any financial product or service could be designed, and users can access them through ETRONIKA Kinect Banking App.

At present the solution is equipped with the interfaces for these basic online banking services:

  • Account balances & statements
  • Deposits
  • Credit cards
  • Payments
  • Exchange rates
  • Promotional offers
  • Personal finance management (PFM)