New ibm server reduces ukio bankas ab data processing times by a factor of 10

October 1, 2002

In collaboration with IBM we have upgraded internet banking service “ETA bank” at Ukio Bankas and reduced data processing time. 

Ukio Bankas is already reaping the benefits of upgrading its information services technology and installing “IBM @server xSeries 360” powered by the new generation Intel Xeon MP processors: the data processing times have decreased by a factor of 10.

According to Valdas Bartkus, Director of Ukio Bankas Information Technology Department, the recent implementation of the new core banking solution “Forpost” and expansion of Internet Banking Services “ETA bank” resulted in a dramatic increase in the internal bank information flow. “The new server ensures our ability to satisfy the needs of our customers across Lithuania even after a significant rise in the amount of banking data being processed. In addition, now we are able to develop further our information system and add modern financial services, fueled by the cutting-edge banking technology”, says Mr. Bartkus. Ukio Bankas, which is headquartered in Kaunas, has 12 branches and 9 service branches throughout the country. “It is imperative that the information is processed equally fast in all of our service centers and that customers walking into any Ukio Bankas branch do not have to waste their time”, notes the bank official.

The bank implemented a powerful but compact “IBM @server xSeries 360”, which incorporated novel Enterprise X-Architecture technology and features four new-generation Intel Xeon MP processors running Linux operating system.

“IBM was the first manufacturer to offer servers with Intel Xeon MP processors. IBM @server xSeries 360 hit the Lithuanian market at the start of this year – only a couple of months after its world debut. When this model was being installed in Lithuania, other manufacturers were not yet offering comparable servers anywhere in the world. Ukio Bankas grasped early on the capabilities of the new generation of IBM technology and now can boast about its benefits”, says Jonas Juodvirsis, manager of “IBM Lietuva” PC and IBM @server xSeries Group Manager. According to Mr. Juodvirsis, Ukio Bankas focus on the newest IBM products proves the notion that forward-looking companies always have a preference for the most advanced technology.

The efforts to implement the new server were facilitated by IBM partner “Etronika” UAB, which also developed Internet Banking Services “ETA Bankas” for this financial institution.

Kestutis Gardziulis, the head of the “Etronika” UAB, believes that Ukio Bankas decision to implement the latest IBM technology is significant in underscoring the bank’s commitment to stay on the path of innovation and continue to be open for e-business.

IBM press release.