Winning the lending race

DIGITAL Loans is a platform for SME and Retail loan origination. It changes the way your loan origination works – from the lending product development to sales and delivery. By using DIGITAL Loans our customers achieved 3 times faster SME assessment, 4 times faster mortgage origination, 6 times faster credit card issuing, Zero cost for staff training, improved risk management and much more.

It helps to increase your loan portfolio in shorter timeframe, keep your costs under control and excel in operational risk management.

10 working days – that’s how much we need to build a pilot automated lending process for a lending institution.

As a bank we keep strong focus on business and consumer lending, thus to have innovative tools for quicker and better client assessment and loan origination was crucial for us. With Digital Loans by ETRONIKA we not only have a tool for risk management but are capable to issue a personalized Retail and SME loan within a fraction of time.” Mindaugas Rudys, Board Member at Šiaulių Bankas

Why DIGITAL Loans?


DIGITAL Loans helps to establish agile lending organization

Business Centric

The business team owns the lending process facilitated by the solution

User Friendly

Modern user interface to gain user satisfaction and zero-training for employees


Know the customer, address his needs via the channels the customer prefers

Continuous innovation


Fast Innovation in line with customers‘ needs
– Low-code approach enables rapid and independent banking products launching with the help of loan origination process modeling and prototyping. You can focus on working system functionality instead of writing, reading and commenting specifications.

– Agile approach helps you keep the costs for product development under control.

Reduced operational risks and costs
– DIGITAL Loans allows to choose preferred level of automation in the loan origination – from fully automated consumer lending (payday loans) to complex mortgage flows with different experts and committees involved. The system helps to significantly reduce time to decision and enforce internal compliance, thus drastically reducing operational risks and costs the organization is facing.
Quick response to market demands
– DIGITAL Loans allows for rapid preparation and deployment of critical changes. This allows to address the compliance needs and market pressure in a uniform matter and with low IT reliance.

Open and secure

Omnichannel approach
– Omnichannel approach caters for all your customer service needs – self-service, teller and partner channels are covered by the solution, and API is ready to serve digital loan brokers.
Open architecture
– Open architecture allows to connect to any internal and external system you may need. This includes identity and KYC providers, credit bureaus, scoring providers and national registers.
Zero Trust security approach
– Zero Trust security approach. DIGITAL Loans is built on a trusted Digital Banking security architecture, and adheres to the Zero Trust concept.
Full audit trail
– Full audit trail for addressing any business and security irregularities.
GDPR compliance
– GDPR compliance tools are provided out of the box for all Loan origination related matters.

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