Taking Financial Institutions a Step Ahead

Digital Loans is an innovative platform for financial institutions that supports transparent and flexible loan origination processes for corporate and retail customers. It allows financial institutions to be more agile to adopt to the ever changing business needs and regulatory environment.

In today’s credit landscape it is important that the financial institution can manage the loan origination processes swiftly, and has the full ownership of the decision criteria without the demand to own the technology itself. Andrius Kusas Chief Operating Officer

Why DIGITAL Loans?


Supports retail and corporate loan origination. Automated processing of common cases, manual processing of exceptions.


Full control of the processes and decision matrices. Detailed process history and audit.

Under your control

Instantly respond to market demands and regulatory requirements. Eliminated risk of vendor locking. Visualized process execution model.

Future proof

Connect DIGITAL Loans to public and internal data sources. Use integration with digital identity services and document exchange services.

Process Execution

INITIATION – Initiate the process from agent workplace or any online channel.
– Obtain customer consent for data collection and processing.
DATA COLLECTION – Collect data from external systems (public and commercial registers).
– Use connectors to internal systems from CRM to core banking.
– Enrich and validate data manually (if required).
EVALUATE – Evaluate the loan request by applying automated scoring methods and algorithms.
– Optional manual approval process in compliance with Powers to Act matrix.
CLOSE THE DEAL – Generate loan agreement for signing
– Register the agreement in core banking system and credit bureaus.

Process Management

BUILD – Visual process description using BPM notation.
– Define data that will be collected, updated and generated during the process.
– Configure pre-built connectors and develop new ones to access data.
– Define data forms for the agents processing loan applications.
– Create document templates for product-specific PDF documents.
– Define organization and product specific roles and rights schemes.
OPERATE– Deploy the process into operational environment.
– Test the process before going live.
– Pilot the process with selected employees, agents and branches.
– Operate the process in live environment
– Monitor operation and performance.
ADJUST– Use simulation to verify the output quality.
– Measure the performance
– Update processes and decision rules.

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