Lithuanian company develops Kinect-powered online banking system

February 23, 2012

A Lithuanian company has developed a Kinect-based online banking system. Yes, you read that right. As a trusted developer by Microsoft, ETRONIKA received Kinect for Windows and the SDK before the official announcement, so had time to develop it. Their solution manages to analyse a user’s face, voice, and gestures to act as a way to control the online banking processes.

The application uses face and voice recognition to log you in then it uses full gesture recognition to control the software. Step away from the screen or leave the Kinect sensor area and the session is immediately terminated – which might be a problem if you have to answer the doorbell…

Ironically, to make a cash transaction a user has to verify via a PIN number entered on a phone. No hand waving to authorise payments – which kinda spoils the fun I think.

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