Lietuvos zemes ukio bankas ab launched the internet banking service

June 6, 2002

We have implemented internet banking service “I-linija” at Lietuvos Zemės Ukio Bankas. 

This week Lietuvos Zemės Ukio Bankas AB, a member of “NORD/LB Group”, launched the Internet banking service “I-linija”.

Gintautas Piragius, Director of the Retail Business Department of Lietuvos Zemės Ukio Bankas, says: “This service will provide customers with the possibility to deal with their finances in a much quicker, more convenient and more efficient way. The Internet will enable them to see their account balances, account statements, and the exchange rates, to make payments and execute foreign exchange operations as well as other banking operations any time convenient for them”.

In the near future Lietuvos Zemės Ukio Bankas is planning to add some new functions to the “I-linija” service for the customers to be able to place a time deposit, pay household fees, etc.

The customers willing to use the “I-linija” service shall open an account with Lietuvos Zemės Ukio Bankas and make the “I-linija” use agreement. Payment orders processed through “I-linija” are cheaper than those executed at the bank, and the users of this service are not charged any additional fees.

The Internet banking system “I-linija” of Lietuvos Zemės Ukio Bankas meets all the security requirements set for these systems.

Lietuvos Zemės Ukio Bankas estimates to have about 10 000 users of the “I-linija” service by the end-year.

Lietuvos Zemes Ukio Bankas (“NORD/LB Group”) press release.