Kinect hack lets you manage your bank account with gestures, will occupy your living room

October 22, 2011

You know all those convoluted gestures and hate-infused fist pumps you make every time you look at your bank account? 

Well, you can now put them to good use, thanks to a new Kinect hack from Lithuania-based Etronika. The company’s software, which made its debut at last week’s CTIA E&A event, effectively brings motion-controlled banking directly to your living room.

All you have to do is stand in front of your display, clap your hands to choose an icon, or wave your hand back and forth to navigate across the app’s carousel menu. This means you can pay your bills, check your balance and return to fetal position without even touching a sharp object. “A lot of banking software apps are filled with boring crap,” Etronika CEO Kestutis Gardziulis explained with refreshing candor. “With our software, you could be on the couch at home, having a beer, all while dealing with your bank account and kicking back.” Beer, banking and body language — sounds scandalous! Head past the break to watch a demo video, starring Pam Beesly’s doppelgänger.

By Amar Toor, Engadget

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