Kinect based online banking from etronika a reality now

February 14, 2012

We touched on how the face of online banking might get more fun than usual thanks to Etronika, with the introduction of Kinect-based online banking, and while that was still a concept in October last year, times have certainly changed.

There is a fully working version in the pipeline, while the app itself was already introduced last week during financial and banking technology innovations conference Finovate Europe 2012. What is one of the best things about the application? You need not remember a single password since the banking application itself will rely on your voice as well as face. Certainly sounds comforting, but what happens when someone has a life sized photo of you as well as a recording of your voice? Would those be enough to fool the software into allowing an impostor to log into your bank account? That remains the domain of the developers to sort things out.

When logged in, you can use your voice to navigate the online banking process, where you can talk to navigate or even shell out some dollars to make that outstanding payment. In addition, you can always check out offers, the remaining balance inside your account, as well as savings. Should you lose your voice for that day, just follow it up with gestures, and the online banking system will still work just as well.

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