Kinect Banking Software in Development

October 17, 2011

Etronika hopes to be able to sell this technology to banks soon, but Microsoft still doesn’t allow commercial products based off of Kinect to be sold. 

Microsoft plans to allow commercial use of the Kinect in the near future.

This new app, being developed by Etronika using the Kinect, was shown off at this week’s CTIA conference. They’re utilizing Kinect’s motion capture technology in order to create an easy way to manage and pay bills. When you boot up the application, you will see an interface composed of different options such as “account” and “payment.” You swipe your arms to browse the options and then you select an option by bringing both arms out. You can even transfer data from the screen to your phone.

When you think of Microsoft’s Kinect, what comes to your mind? Kinect Sports? Rise of Nightmares? How about Kinect Banking? As amazing of a game that Kinect Banking would be, this is actually an application being developed for easy bank management. Now you can wave your arms around like an idiot and pay your bills at the same time!

By Lucas Smith, pikiGEEK