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POST as digital marketplace

KASU POST is a robust solution for post offices, addressing the demand for retail services at a postal counter and opening the postal network to digital services, offered by governments and businesses.

About solution

KASU POST is a Counter Automation Solution for post offices, which allows access to variety of postal services, items and partner services from a single simple user interface, and helps to turn post office into modern digital marketplace. By utilizing the best convenience retail practices, KASU POST helps to speed up customer service, reduce time to learn and maintain the system, and ensures reliable accounting and reconciliation.

KASU POST automates the flows between the counter and backoffice, cares for cash flows and allows to easily add new products and services to be accessed at the post office. The marketplace approach allows rapid integration of financial and public services, as well as enhanced capabilities to serve e-commerce needs.

Posts are comparatively well positioned to provide e-government, e-commerce and e-finance services to population that tend to be excluded, such as women, the poor, the less educated and those in the informal economy.

UPU report „The digital economy and postal
digital activities – a global panorama“.

ETRONIKA’S KASU appears to be the right match for digitalization of the services at post offices. It is a comprehensive software solution able to cover a broad range of diverse types of services. It is very user friendly, in principle touch-screen, and it comes with customization, and staff training. Hans Boon,Managing Director at PostFinanceInternational Development B.V.

The need for post office digitalization


of posts provide some form of financial service


of posts can make money from selling digital services


of posts are looking to diversify into digital services to stay relevant


of posts seek for digital services to enter the market before competitors

UPU report „The digital economy and postal
digital activities – a global panorama“.


Reimagining the post: Building a Digital Service Provider
Michailas Traubas, Solution Architect at ETRONIKA speaks at PARCEL+POST EXPO Virtual ‘Live’ Conference, 2020

Digital services that KASU POST provides

Financial services

Post offices worldwide are becoming important players of financial services market, offering vast variety of services run by their partners.

KASU POST is a trusted solution that works as a one stop shop and manages the complexity of service delivery, enable different payment means, ensure point-of-sales robustness, the great accountability and reliability when dealing with partners.

There are hundreds of financial services, offered by our customers every day, and enabling residents to get all essential services in one place – the post office or retail outlet:

KASU POST is ideally suited to offer remittance services via multiple operators. Today different users of KASU are working with UPU, MoneyGram, Western Union and other remittance operators.

The dedicated KASU POST module enables the payment disbursement based on instructions, delivered by the partners – social insurance agencies, pension funds, other funds, or even the large employers, willing to engage Post office to provide wage payments across the country.

Bill payments is one of the most popular financial services worldwide, covering all the essential utility services, telecommunication providers, payments for public services, and even loan instalments.

Payment Hub solution for the postal operators with more sophisticated needs. We are ready to implemento our complete Bill processing and payment hub solution, pre-integrated with KASU POST.

KASU POST is ready for integration with banking service partners to build complete agency banking offering – bank payments, deposits, loans, cash-out, card applications and issuance, all services can be delivered via your POS and orchestrated by the partner systems, thus requiring limited investment from the Post operator.

The agency service you offer might range from application acceptance and processing, to selling the service, loan disbursement in cash or insurance claim application and insurance pay-out.

Public services

In many countries Post is well positioned to act as a trusted partner for public services delivery and digitalization. With KASU POST any post office can be turned into public service access point, helping the residents to reach the portfolio of services different public agencies can offer.

The true power of Post facilitated by KASU POST lays in ability to deliver hybrid services. From submission of applications and declarations, to payments for the services, submitting data digitally to the agencies and delivering digital results as printouts, notifications or in-hand delivery of the valuable documents, such as birth certificates, passports.

Electronic product & services

KASU POST has been developed to specifically address digital service sales.
DIFFERENT INTEGRATION MODES are incorporated into KASU POST and delivered either by a remote partner system or based on offline services and file exchange with partners.
EFFICIENT CONFIGURATION TOOLS available to add new products and services seamlessly.
A WEB APPLICATION ADAPTOR MODULE brings partner’s application web forms to point-of-sales terminal screens and provides API to enable a partner to orchestrate the process.
SALES TRACKING provides you detailed information about ongoing digital sales and status of each transaction.
PRODUCT MANAGEMENT FEATURES allow to configure various digital products, e.g. commission fees, screen texts.
SUPPORT FOR PARTNER RECONCILIATION provides tools to setup an automatic periodic sales data exchange with a partner.

Management Console

However big your post network is—whether you have a few post offices or thousands of post offices – KASU POST is the one platform that can manage it all and boost sales while improving efficiency for your employees, customers, and business overall.
PHYSICAL AND DIGITAL PRODUCTS SALES MANAGEMENT features centralized setup of products and services, product list, prices, product bundles, discounts, and sales campaigns.
POST NETWORK MANAGEMENT capabilities empower you to define your post offices, organize and group them, setup user access rights, and manage in-store processes.
SALES TRACKING gives you product and digital service sales data from the entire post network. You can produce reports and drill-down analysis within 15 minutes after a sale.
STORE REPORTING allows employees to organize SKU-based processes within the store and submit information to your company’s headquarters such as inventory, replenishment, order, etc.
BUSINESS PROCESSES AUTOMATION optimizes your operations with staff and shift management, specific workflow automation and scheduling features among a host of other functions.
BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE ON THE GO customizable reports and data marts provide near real-time insights from over 1000 post offices efficiently.
ON-DEMAND REPORTING key operational reports, including sales, cash registers, discount application, good return reports, etc.
FRAUDULENT ACTIVITY WARNINGS notify headquarters on suspicious behavior and operation patterns.

Point-of-sales operations

We created our point-of-sales system to engage your customers, save your employees time, and boost your business’s operational efficiency.
SIMPLE, CONFIGURABLE AND INTUITIVE POS design let your employees quickly learn and operate with a POS.
WEB APPLICATION ADAPTOR allows you to sell your partners’ products, accept payments for partners’ services such as accept bill payments, top-up mobile wallets, pay for public services and etc.
PERFORM OPERATIONS IN OFFLINE MODE in case of a connectivity loss at the point of sale, physical products still can be sold in offline mode.
FAULT TOLERANCE protects the integrity of your system should your network experience connectivity problems or power loss.
MESSAGING FUNCTIONALITY allows communication between head office and salesperson including support for exchanging files.
POINT-OF-SALE CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT is enhanced with contextual data-driven or scheduled offers on the self-checkout and teller’s customer display which can be easily managed from central office.
SIMPLE PRODUCT CHOICE displays and barcode scanners make checking-out quick and easy for any customer.
SELF-SERVICE our POS solution allows to be used on standalone self-service terminals or convert regular POS terminals into self-service terminals within seconds.

Customer Engagement

When using a service, customers expect immediacy and convenience. Technology empowers customers to choose the best of the best and engage with brands, enriching their experience.

Our customer engagement solutions create a brand experience and help you establish an emotional bond with your customers.

CONTEXTUAL ADS on self-checkout screens and customer displays.
POST OFFICE GROUPING features customize and target marketing and pricing by post office type and location.
MARKETING CAMPAIGNS SUPPORT simplifies product bundling, discounting, and recognizing and accepting a variety of vouchers or loyalty accounts.
ELECTRONIC SHELF LABEL integration eliminates all the usual sources of error that may occur between the checkout system and the shelf in the post office.
DIGITAL SIGNAGE in store integrated with our campaign module communicates the same marketing message based on time of the day, and other campaign conditions.

Flexible: adapting to Your business needs

KASU POST: nimble, robust, tamper-proof and high-performing.

Implementing innovations should accelerate, not disrupt your business. As business environments evolve, your digital counter automation solution should flexibly and seamlessly adapt. To achieve this, we’ve designed KASU POST not only to be scalable, but to quickly integrate.

CLOUD READY KASU POST architecture allows to save on infrastructure expenses.
INTEGRATION-READY ARCHITECTURE allows to easily integrate and connect to third party systems to implement and improve your partnerships.
BANKING-LEVEL CAPABILITIES care for robustness, security and accountability.
INTEGRATION MODEL CHOICE FOR EACH PRODUCT AND PROCESS allows you to decide whether KASU POST or your partner system will serve as the core orchestrator.

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