Forbis announces successful implementation of project on DNB nord bank

May 14, 2008

We have taken an active part in joint project of DnB NORD Bank and “Vital” information systems integration. 

“Forbis” solutions will help in co-operation of DnB NORD bank and the Norwegian life insurance company “Vital” stepping into Lithuanian market as its own branch “Vital Life”.

The specialists of four companies joined their forces in the project: the DnB NORD bank, the Norwegian company “Vital”, the “Etronika” Company, and “Forbis”. The goal of the project was to create a technical possibility of exchanging the data on the insured loans balances between the FORPOST system in DnB NORD bank and the insurance management system ITM, operating in “Vital”.

There were performed certain modifications in the FORPOST system, enabling to accept the data from the Norwegian company and, in accordance to that data, to form the response of the required structure.

“Forbis”, a developer of core banking systems, is the leading company in the Lithuanian market, and is successfully expanding its activity in the international market: in Latvia, Belarus, and Russia.

The FORPOST system developed by the “Forbis” Company embraces all the spheres of modern banking business, and is completely adjustable to individual bank requirements as well as to activity specifics. The system allows reacting flexibly to any changes in the market of banking services; it has a direct interface with various external applications (e.g. SWIFT, Reuters) and is easily integrated with the software of the third parties.