Finovate presentations

2016: Open Bank API

We believe APIs matter nowadays. And we think that innovative banks and fintech companies should not be limited by a burden of developing or purchasing expensive financial services solutions. Therefore, we have created a state-of-the-art digital platform, visualised APIs engine that allows you to connect third parties, bundle them and provide sophisticated financial e-services to your customers via omnichannel user interface. You can now describe your business processes, connect to third party financial service providers via APIs, automatically calculate your margins and fight fraud. And you can do all that with a relative ease. Let’s build bundled financial institutions!

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2014: Multichannel partnership ecosystem

BANKTRON introduces a brand new approach to the customer. By combining banking and partners, data analysis, personalization, loyalty, and even fraud prevention, we have laid a whole new ground for better customer interaction and value added product offering. BANKTRON enables the bank to provide personalized, tailored services to the customer via multiple channels, much attention drawn to the mobile. Our flagship product BANKTRON is enriched with data analysis, fraud prevention engines, and a customer loyalty platform, which increases customer engagement and eases the determination of a full customer’s profile based on behavioral patterns. Providing tailored marketing campaigns and enhancing fraud prevention – a way to retain a satisfied customer.

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2013: E-Channels management platform

ETRONIKA’s BANKTRON e-channels management platform enables a completely new approach to the banking and finance industry, which provides front-end users elegant, safe, and secure financial products and services. The solution allows financial institutions to offer a highly personalized, attractively simple, and enhanced e-banking experience for its clients across all channels and devices.

BANKTRON makes all delivery channels work seamlessly together as an integrated whole.

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