ETRONIKA will be exhibiting at PayExpo 2013

June 11, 2013

LONDON, United Kingdom – June 10, 2013 – ETRONIKA, one of the FinovateEurope 2013 Best of Show winners, will be demonstrating online banking solution BANKTRON® at PayExpo 2013 in London from June 18 to 19. In retailing sector, ETRONIKA’s software can help business to maximize productivity, drive sales, customer engagement and loyalty.

ETRONIKA’s award-winning, holistic multichannel online banking product BANKTRON® brings truly redefined e-banking experience. Its clean, understandable, fresh and up-to-date interface enriched with stylish design elements. The adaptive responsive design of BANKTRON® allows users to have the same comfortable experience on any modern device. The solution has a single front-end environment that keeps all functions consistent across different channels.

“We have worked hard to envision and create something, that I am not afraid to call a redefined e-banking experience. We thought a lot about when and how customers use banking services, and what are his or her needs in a specific situation”, says Kęstutis Gardžiulis, chief executive officer of ETRONIKA. “At PayExpo 2013 we are showing not just another beautiful and unified user interface. We are demoing and speaking about the product, which allows financial institutions to use the service design approach to create products and provide services through different channels on different devices, while maintaining core legacy systems.“

For retailing sector, ETRONIKA will exhibit a modular smart retail solution, which can help business to maximize productivity, drive sales as well as customer engagement and give easy-goings through all stages of system integration and use. ETRONIKA smart retail solution support customers large and small, from individual stores to multiple locations.

In addition, during PayExpo 2013, ETRONIKA will be demoing mobile banking and customer loyalty applications for smartphones, and tablets. For finance world ETRONIKA can offer NFC based payment applications, with augmented reality for branch search or mobile banking app that allows client to pay bills just by snapping a photo. For retailers – application which helps their customers claim special offers, discounts or rewards; find closest branch using map or augmented reality; read news, view accounts and more. Application can be made for any modern platform.