Etronika unveils Banktron 8

February 12, 2013

LONDON, United Kingdom – February 12, 2013 – ETRONIKA unveils the latest release of its multichannel online banking product BANKTRON at FinovateEurope 2013. BANKTRON 8 helps finance institutions to maximize cost savings and bring a unified user experience across different channels and devices, while retaining legacy systems. For a second year, ETRONIKA demoed innovations on the “FinovateEurope” stage with BANKTRON 8. Key highlights of the demonstration were: banking software that adapts to every situation in business and personal life; contactless, NFC based payments; and cross channel user experience.

“We have worked hard to envision and create something, that I am not afraid to call a redefined e-banking experience. We thought a lot about when and how clients use banking services, and what are his or her needs in a specific situation”, said Kęstutis Gardžiulis, chief executive officer of ETRONIKA. “Today we are showing not just another beautiful and unified user interface. We are demoing and speaking about the product, which allows financial institutions to use the service design approach to create products and provide services through different channels on different devices, while maintaining core legacy systems.“

ETRONIKA’s banking product BANKTRON 8 is able to adapt to the different situations of our lives. Its clean, understandable, fresh and up-to-date interface, enriched with stylish design elements will be presented to online home banking users. The possibility of tailoring user interfaces to suit any special requirements (e.g. add shortcuts or widgets) and expanded basic configuration will be provided to advanced users and small business owners. The adaptive responsive design of BANKTRON 8 allows users to have the same comfortable experience on any tablet or phone. The solution has a single front-end environment that keeps all functions consistent across different channels.

ETRONIKA also presents Near Field Communication (NFC) based contactless payments as a part of the BANKTRON system. BANKTRON’s new “Tap Payment” function is a fast, simple and convenient way to send and receive money using your smartphone. You can get paid or pay your friends, split a dinner bill and so on. Just enter the amount to pay, tap phones together with your friend and that’s it. Money will be instantly sent with absolute security. To send or receive money you just need an NFC-enabled mobile phone.

We believe that our approach will make not only bank customers happy, but also banking institutions themselves, because today’s bank clients care so much more about convenience than ever before, and place a high value on personalized products and services. People use a wide array of Internet-connected devices, as well as social media, apps, etc. Successful banking has to flourish under these conditions. That’s why the majority of financial institutions have to reinvent themselves, and that’s why we have created the BANKTRON 8.

Curious? Eager to take a closer look? Find our booth at Mobile World Congress 2013, held in February 25-28 in Barcelona, Spain.