Etronika’s solution makes it possible to open a bank account online

November 30, 2011

ETRONIKA in cooperation with DNB Bank, the largest financial services group in Norway, and the State Enterprise Centre of Registers, has developed a solution that allows opening a savings account and forming the share capital electronically. Now it’s possible to set up company in Lithuania without leaving home and waiting in queues.

Our experts have designed a system that allows bank customers confirm their identity easily and quickly via electronic signature. ETRONIKA also modeled and implemented secure data exchange process between the bank and the State Enterprise Centre of Registers.

When company founder fills online application form, bank employee prepares savings account agreement, signs the document with his/her electronic signature and sends it back to businessman. And there will be just one thing for the businessman to do – go to the bank at his earliest convenience and change his account type from savings to regular account.