Etronika will show off kinect-based banking in Barcelona

February 15, 2012

In the world of consumer electronics, we sometimes forget that cool things happen in other industries—electronic things. Last year, we introduced you to ETRONIKA and the company’s new way to do electronic banking, using the Microsoft Kinect. Now the Lithuanian company has upgraded its technology, and debuted it to the public.

ETRONIKA was out at last week’s Finovate Conference showing off the new and improved version of Kinect banking. In addition to controlling the system with movement, Etronika has added in the option for spoken commands.

The company says that the system can be used to transfer money, make payments, check balances, and more. With the exception of payments, this could make passwords a thing of the past. “The application mirrors human identification by analyzing user’s face and voice,” says company spokesperson Karolis Makrickas.

Besides the Kinect, ETRONIKA uses biometric user authentication and identification technology to recognize each user.

ETRONIKA is a Microsoft Gold-certified partner and a member of the Microsoft Kinect Early Adopters program.