ETRONIKA Retail Solution to power provision of financial services in Kyrgyzstan Post

September 4, 2019

ETRONIKA, part of NRD Companies, jointly with BAIP, a critical IT infrastructure company, is delivering an exclusive financial services project in Kyrgyzstan, with a total contract value of 2,7 Million USD.

The tandem of specialized IT solution and financial technology companies will help Kyrgyz Pochtasy, a state-owned company, to digitilise and accelerate the provision of basic financial services to all residents including those in rural and remote areas.

ETRONIKA, a company providing mission-critical solutions for financial and retail services, is deploying its Retail Solution – a retail network management and Point of Service (POS) front-end solution, which will be used by the employees of the Post offices to provide variety of financial services operated by the Post itself and by its partners.

The objectives of the modernization of the business processes at the front offices are aimed to achieve operational excellence by:

  • Sharp reduction of manual and paper-based work;
  • Increased efficiency;
  • Improved quality and reliability of the payment operations.


Following the digitisation project for postal services, Kyrgyzstan post will acquire the means to quickly organize the integration of partners – payment service providers such as Western Union or Moneygram, and to simplify work with business customers providing financial services through the postal network. The solution implemented and adapted in the project will also ensure that the financial services comply with international and national money laundering prevention requirements

says Arnoldas Jankūnas, Director of ETRONIKA.


Prior to the system deployment ETRONIKA has assisted Kyrgyz Post Office in defining critical processes within the organization, related to the delivery of financial services:

  • End-of-day and shift management processes and policies;
  • Cash accounting and transfer principles;
  • Financial and service delivery information exchange within internal departments;
  • Information exchange with the Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

ETRONIKA Retail Solution allows to standardise delivery of financial services via post offices and allows full coverage of the future retail and service operations. The ability for a smooth and reliable integration with 3rd-parties has been delivered via Web Application Adaptor – a leading retail integration orchestration module, which allows a retailer to offer external services and allows a partner to integrate with the POS system via simple and reliable service interface.

The key products, supported by the ETRONIKA Retail Solution, will be as follows:

  • Basic retail items, e.g. postmarks, envelopes, etc.;
  • Disbursement of pensions, social allowances, salaries and other payments based on contracts with third parties;
  • Remittance services;
  • Bill payments.


The implementation of ETRONIKA Retail Solution will enable new capabilities for Kyrgyz Pochtasy in expanding financial services delivered via the Post offices, in terms of scope and range as well as modernization; and it will assist in digitalization of paper-based business processes for bulk flows of small value financial transactions. The services will be delivered at up to 550 locations in over 500 post offices, connected to the single central hub, running our Retail Solutions’ central node.

notes Andrius Petrauskas, Head of Retail Solutions development.


The project implemented by Lithuanian companies is one of several key components of the Financial Sector Development Program for the Kyrgyz Republic funded by the World Bank.