Etronika produce kinect-based online banking

February 18, 2012

As one of the relatively few companies across the earth to receive Kinect for Windows & SDK before the official announcement, you know good and well that Microsoft has some faith in the group known as ETRONIKA. And what they’ve produced here is something that was bound to happen one way or another: Kinect-based online banking. Their solution includes analyzing user’s face, voice, and gestures to help them through the process of banking online. Will such a solution sweep the nation, or will we still be too afraid to trust the computer to know our wrinkles and nose shape?

As you’ll see in the video below, the folks at ETRONIKA presented their most updated version of their software and hardware combination at the event known as Finovate Europe 2012. This event took place in London and showed the world what it meant to have their application mirror human identification by using the users face and voice, having them speak to the Kinect and look into the camera. This application and environment may well be the way to your banking future!

Once inside the application, after face and voice recognition has taken place and you’re logged in to the bank you’re working with, you’ve got full gesture recognition as well. If a user steps away from the screen and leaves the Kinect sensor area, their session is immediately ended. If a user wants to make a cash transaction, they’ve got to use their phone to enter a PIN number to give double assurance that there’s no foul play. Have a peek at the photos and video above and below and get ready for a simplified experience with your Kinect-laden computer!

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