ETRONIKA hosted a tour for team of Japanese journalists

September 18, 2012

In September ETRONIKA hosted a tour for team of Japanese journalists to highlight and share the experience and an in-depth view about future of computing and all the benefits of natural user interface.

It was a great occasion to learn more about opportunities to do business in Japan, as well as discuss about e-banking, digital identity, smart retailing solutions in Lithuania and Japan. While Japan’s IT sector is one of the most advanced in the world, it is strange that e-banking is not widespread. Japanese journalists explained that their people are quite conservative and do not want to manage banking operations through information technologies.

Journalists have been very impressed by our e-banking application that uses natural user interface. ”ETRONIKA can probably find a niche in the country of rising sun, because Japan has big aging population. There are many elderly people who don’t know how to use new technologies. Gestures and voice control system could solve this problem” – said one of the members of the delegation.