ETRONIKA Brings Online Banking To Gesture Control, But Why?

February 20, 2012

People are already beginning to take the full advantage of the Microsoft’s Kinect technology. Perfect example for that is the amazing Kinect-powered Theme park in south Korea. Recently I have also told you about how a group of researchers used Kinect technology for medical treatments, that was actually an amazing breakthrough in technology. Now how would you feel like working and doing online banking using Kinect?

A comapny known as ETRONIKA has produced a way to use Kinect with online banking, which lets you safely do your activities by analyzing user’s face, voice, and gestures and then letting you do your banking stuff using gesture control’s. Company presented their latest updated version of their software and hardware combination at the Finovate Europe 2012 event, which took place in london. As you can see in the video below, they already made plans to alternate human identification by using the users face and voice recognition. So basically after it recognizes your face and voice you can login to your bank account and do your work by using various gestures, and if you are going to make a cash transaction you will also have to confirm it with a PIN number for extra protection.

Now this technology looks cool enough as a future banking method, but there are few question that comes to my mind. First, why would someone want to speak their out loud to log in to their bank account in a large screen letting everyone else to see it? And why would even someone go though this much of trouble when they can safely do online banking, using a PC or a Laptop? Well, needless to say you can see it in the video how it work and how dumb it looks, the women who demonstrates says sorry for the Kinect, for real or not I think its not so professional looking at all. What do you think?