E-invoicing functionality launched at Estonian DNB Pank

August 12, 2014

E-invoicing, a new BANKTRON module, allows bank’s clients to order electronic invoices in the Internet bank and conclude e-invoice standing order agreements for their automatic payment. 

Bank’s clients can order electronic invoices from different service providers to their Internet bank, even on behalf of another person. E-invoices are stored in one place, neatly grouped, all available in the same place and at the same time. If the client wants to pay an e-invoice manually, he finds it easy and convenient – the payment order is pre-filled with invoice data upon starting the payment. E-invoices can be paid separately or in a bulk.

Also bank’s clients can conclude e-invoice standing order agreements. This service guarantees that e-invoices will be paid automatically under the terms and conditions set by the client. Useful feature of such periodical payments is that the client may cancel particular payment without cancelation of the whole agreement, if there are any obstacles to pay it as it was set in the agreement.