Omni Channel Service Delivery Digitalization Platform

DxP is an E-Service delivery platform intended to be used by modern digital organizations serving customers in agile way


  • 3 times lower effort per service delivered
  • Up to 6 times faster decision making
  • Great employee satisfaction
  • 0-training time
  • Up to 5 times faster product/service development
  • Up to 20 times faster change delivery
  • 3 months to launch most complex service
DxP helps to Transform legacy applications into modern flows Our innovative software empowers you to extract the potential of your legacy systems – seamlessly and with minimal risk – without ever slowing you down. So your team can focus on what matters: delivering better outcomes for your constituents and creating new services based on the data you can access.
DxP powers intelligent service delivery You need a single place to see the right information, at the right time, to seamlessly make the best decisions. From service delivery to compliance, DxP helps to address these demands, allows to connect different organizations and data into service flows.
Create AI-Ready services Digital services create ever-growing amounts of data which can be utilized by employing Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning. DxP is ready to enable your AI services by seamlessly connecting to your own and 3rd-party services and using their insights in your decision making process.
DxP is ready to address Cybersecurity threats proactively Based on the best security practices of modern Digital Banking, DxP proactively addresses the cybersecurity threats, and ensures digital organization’s resilience to the attack and fraud attempts.
DxP enables timely response to change demands Change is a new norm in a modern world: legislators constantly deliver new mandates, the regulations are shifting, constituent base is changing. Change is a constant, and your team needs software that can actually help you keep up.
DxP is highly adaptable and ready to take on evolving organization mandates at a moment’s notice. So you’ll start every legislative season ahead of the curve and ready to get work done.
Fill the digital gaps with Hybrid Processes DxP addresses the gap between digital services and demand for human interaction by enabling service delivery via different channels and allowing a customer to choose his best option for accessing the service. Furthermore, the hybrid process can easily combine the manual and digital interactions, e.g. allows to fill in applications online, submit essential evidence documents on paper and receive the service outcome digitally.

Product Information

  • Teller/Registrar – modern user interface for the service representative
  • Web self-service – enable user-friendly services online
  • Mobile app – service-tailored apps for end-user self-service
  • Partner/agent – provide web or API-based access to your agents and service delivery partners, e.g. post offices, entitled to deliver public services
  • Call centre – enable your call centre to serve as a user-friendly channel to deliver a service
  • API – allow to access your services in an automated manner via dedicated APIs
  • Service dashboard – monitor service delivery real-time
  • Service catalog – register and manage services and service versions as you grow
  • Know the status of the services you have started and/or are part of execution
  • Access the services, service history and all service results – documents and data

Engage low-code approach for creating and managing your services – allow your business users and service owners to have more control and ability to design their service.

  • BPMN-based service definition using visual process editor
  • Data model definition bound to process version
  • Decision modeling based on decision matrices and in-process rules
  • System-generated dynamic forms based on form descriptions and validation rules
  • Built-in services for most common tasks – emails, customer notifications, document generation (DOCX/PDF), Excel spreadsheet processing
  • Support for document and email templates

Extend your processes and flows with ease by utilizing variety of methods:

  • Access modern data sources directly by using RESTful API service – no coding required
  • Build your connectors to existing and new systems by using DxP SDK
  • Enable your services via preferred customer engagement tools and front-end technologies

Employ continuous delivery model to manage your services. Use advanced tools to monitor and manage services.

  • Enable new processes and process versions without system downtime
  • Rollback process versions without data loss
  • Enable service consumption accounting and service plans
  • Clean-up outdated/incomplete processes
  • Enforce personal data protection rules
  • Access operational reports
  • Manage users and user roles
  • Enforce security based on access channels
  • Allow user representation and power of attorney service access mode
  • Audit all actions and operations
  • Track detailed record of data provided by external systems

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