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Open Banking & RegTech

Open banking


The PSD2 (Payment Services Directive 2) has mandated the Open Banking solutions to be provided by majority of the banks and electronic money institutions across Europe. While creating vast new opportunities for the API consumers, the implementation landscape of Open Banking is very fragmented and new requirements are emerging as the regulators assess the progress.

If you are going to implement your Open Banking APIs and look to comply with the PSD2 requirements, the obvious question is where should you start and how should you build your solutions?

Our approach

ETRONIKA has built its Open Banking Platform to address the compliance demands and meet the opinion of the regulators. The experience gained, understanding of the implementation and requirement dynamics and hands-on approach allow us to offer the qualified support to, those looking to build their proprietary digital banking platforms need more assistance.


Our team is ready to offer:

  • Introductory and deep-dive workshops on PSD2 requirements and the NextGenPSD2 Framework (The Berlin Group Framework) implementation
  • Assessment of specifications and solutions
  • Solution design and development support
  • Testing of Sandbox and production APIs

Digital transformation


Digital Transformation initiatives are emerging all over the different industries around the world. Be it self-service portals, service automation and digitalization approaches or innovative customer onboarding solutions, creating one requires a combination of different skills – from UX/UI design to process design and modelling, and further to the implementation, integration, and operation.

However, the digital transformation does not stop at IT solutions, it is about your mindset, business, agility in product and service development, flawless execution and applying the best market practices.

Our approach

ETRONIKA has gained hands-on digital transformation experience working with the most demanding Nordic and Baltic financial services providers. This experience has helped our teams to assess the merits of different transformation approaches, the strategies and tactics organization can tackle to achieve seamless customer experience.

We are ready to help you mapping your existing processes out, assess the transformation options, build the prototypes for the new solutions, and evaluate the implementation approaches.

Design of a new digital service, build-up of a self-service solution or a complete service delivery portal is a native experience for our team. The more we learn, the better we understand the new shift in customer demands:

  • Building new products and services in a matter of weeks, not months or even years
  • Adjusting the existing processes and products to the new market demands rapidly
  • Reducing the reliance on the IT to do all the changes and gaining more control into the hands of business teams


By helping the customers to address these demands, we can help the business teams to get more agility and the organizations to embark on new ways to their success. We believe that the evolution is a working approach, which we are ready to facilitate – starting from a single business unit or product group and populating the practices across the whole organization.

We are ready to provide you the insights needed to make the transformation happen, to share the best practices collected, help defining the transformation roadmap and execute it.


Michailas Traubas
Domains of Expertise: Digital Transformation, Lending Transformation, RegTech, Process Digitalization, Open Banking, Digital Banking, Mobile Payments, Smart Retail

Vytautas Šopis
Domains of Expertise: Digital Banking, Open Banking, Process Digitalization

Andrius Kusas
Domains of Expertise: Digital Transformation, Lending Transformation, RegTech, Process Digitalization, Digital Banking, Architecture

Kęstutis Gardžiulis
Domains of Expertise: Vision, Trends, Ecosystems, Digital Banking, Digital Transformation


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