ETRONIKA has automated main Šiaulių Bankas lending processes for SME and retail customers and significantly increased speed and quality of lending services.
Increased consumer loans portfolio
Faster SME financial status assessment
Faster mortgage loan processes
Faster credit cards process


Šiauliu Bankas is a commercial bank providing financial services to private and corporate entities since 1992. Recently, Šiauliu Bankas identified that their lending systems were not agile enough to adapt to constant compliance and market changes in the financial sector. Furthermore, the manual work needed to process various lending operations, including corporate and private lending, was taking a lot of time, which could be used to generate new leads and increase sales.

As a bank we keep strong focus on business and consumer lending, thus to have innovative tools for quicker and better client assessment and loan origination was crucial for us. With Digital Loans by ETRONIKA we not only have a tool for risk management but are capable to issue a personalized Retail and SME loan within a fraction of time.”

– Mindaugas Rudys, Board Member at Šiaulių Bankas

Implemented solution

Šiauliu Bankas decided to trust ETRONIKA in optimizing lending processes and increasing the quality of financial services throughout all locations. ETRONIKA implemented DIGITAL Loans, an agile and user-friendly system, which provides extra flexibility when making quick changes and optimizes various lending processes.

ETRONIKA values its clients, so every product, including DIGITAL Loans, is configured for a convenient use even for less tech-savvy specialists. Simple yet functional UI, Wizard-based flows, and tools for self-learning create an unforgettable customer journey.

DIGITAL Loans also provides automatization of evaluating the credit rating of both private and corporate clients. On top of that, DIGITAL Loans is integrated with other Siauliu Bankas banking systems, as well as external registries and financial institutions.


DIGITAL Loans optimized lending processes in Siauliu Bankas and created a more sustainable and user-friendly infrastructure, which ensures faster and more accurate decision making and reduces expenses.

  • Reduced loan issuing time to both private and corporate clients up to six times;
  • Effective control of operational risks guarantees safety and quality of lending processes;
  • The need for staff training for loan issuing is cut to a minimum;
  • Reduced new processes implementation time from 50 to 80 percent;

“The system is agile and simple – many changes can be made by a system administrator without any specific IT skills, hence eliminating costs of expensive programmers,” says Goda Butkiene, the Director of Financial Services Development Department. “This innovative system is integrated with external registries and internal banking systems. Not only the loan issuing system can evaluate private clients’ credit ratings, but it also provides the ability to evaluate corporate clients, as well, which is a totally new feature.”

About Šiaulių bankas

Šiaulių Bankas was established in 1992 and is a fast and stable growing financial institution with a diversified shareholder base, distributed among Lithuanian and foreign shareholders, including European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), which owns 26% of Šiaulių Bankas shares.

Šiaulių Bankas provides services for private and corporate customers, such as consumer financing, savings and investment services, daily banking services, offers fast and flexible financing opportunities for corporate customers, with special focus on small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). Šiaulių Bankas serves customers in 60 branches across 37 cities of Lithuania. Bank shares are listed in NASAQ Baltic Stock Exchange. According to 2018 and 2019 “DIVE Lietuva” secret buyer investigation, Šiaulių Bankas is the first in Lithuania in terms of customer service quality.

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