Beyond buzzwords: How to build agile banks and lending organizations

October 27, 2020

Recording of our webinar ‘Beyond buzzwords: How to build agile banks and lending organisations’ which explores different approaches to transformation and product launch from neo banks, lenders and incumbent banks.

See how innovators focus on agility as part of various banking approaches and build it across their technology stack. Traditionally, banks were built to project stability, safety and to minimise risk. But now financial institutions face increased pressure to respond quickly to market changes and launch new products in weeks or even days.



  • The changing banking landscape across Europe
    • A new approach: the rise of Lithuania as a new home for financial institutions
  • Innovative agile approaches
    • Composable banking
    • Low Code Approach
  • How to build an agile organisation
  • Innovating the UX/UI and customer journey for constantly changing customer needs and market conditions
  • The steps to get started
  • Case studies


Kęstutis Gardžiulis, Founder & Chief Innovation Officer at ETRONIKA
Michailas Traubas, Solution Architect at ETRONIKA
Andrius Bagdonavičius, Managing Director & Tribe Champion at Mambu
Justus Roux, Solutions Engineer Manager, EMEA at Mambu


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