Banking kinect: pay your bills using xbox kinect

October 15, 2011

Do you fear the fact that your bank you can manage your transactions using actions?  (Well, there’s something notices that we all sometimes like to flip all our banks.) How do you Bank via your Xbox Kinect? 

Crazy as it sounds, business software Lithuanian Etronika has created a user interface based Kinect for their banking software. Waving your arms to the left, rotates the top row. If you wave your arm right, rotate the bottom row. To select an icon simply move your hands together in front of him. Quite simple.

Etronika has shown at the CTIA conference this week, where they showed a user pay a bill with it. When it was complete, the user took his phone and stirred his left hand, as if by magic, sending a copy of the invoice to his phone. Well, it’s a simple way to pay a Bill, I have to admit.

Don’t hold your breath while waiting for that it is available. Unfortunately, at this time, Microsoft is not permitted companies to sell products based on technologies Kinect. Perhaps they should. I would like to see more like this, even if it’s another excuse to keep me from my console.

By Conner Flynn,