A Wave of the Future: Gesture Based Banking

July 3, 2012

ETRONIKA, a Lithuanian financial services app developer and consulting firm, has revealed an updated version of their gesture-based banking application. The app utilizes motion-sensor capabilities, allowing bank customers to use body gestures to complete online transactions. Instead of using passwords, biometrics such as as the user’s voice and face are used for login identification.

Using the 3D technologies from Kinect’s motion-sensing camera, the system tracks the depth and movement of customers as they interact with the screen. ETRONIKA’s banking application also lets users speak commands as they swipe their arms to navigate through folders and select banking options. If a customer walks away from the Kinect sensor area, the session ends immediately. Cash transactions require the additional security measure of entering the PIN number via mobile device.

While the app is still in beta, ETRONIKA ceo Kęstutis Gardžiulis says, “Theoretically our product is available now, but we still need a few months to finalize main building blocks of our solution. This includes security.”