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However big your business is—whether you have a few stores or thousands of stores—ETRONIKA retail solution, ERS, is the one platform that can manage it all and boost sales while improving efficiency for your employees, customers, and business overall.
PHYSICAL AND E-PRODUCTS SALES MANAGEMENT features centralized setup of products and services, product list, prices, product bundles, discounts, and sales campaigns.
RETAIL NETWORK AND FRANCHISE MANAGEMENT capabilities empower you to define your stores, organize various units, group your stores based on user-defined classifications, setup user access rights within the system, and manage in-store processes.
SALES TRACKING gives you product sales data from the entire retail network. You can produce reports and drill-down analyses within 10 minutes.
INTEGRATE YOUR PARTNER’S SALES SYSTEM and become a one-stop-shop for partner products, broadening the spectrum of your services.
PARTNER RECONCILIATION REPORTS show you your partner product sales and returns, total volumes, and the particulars of product data.
FEEDBACK REPORTING allows employees to organize item-based processes within the store and submit information to your company’s headquarters.
BUSINESS PROCESSES AUTOMATION optimizes your operations with staff and shift management, specific workflow automation, interactive supply management, and scheduling features among a host of other functions.
BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE ON THE GO is a reality when you can access detailed transaction data from over 1000 stores—with customizable reporting and data marts for external reporting solutions—all within just 15 minutes.
GENERATE ON-DEMAND KEY OPERATIONAL REPORTS for specified users including: sales, stock, cash registry, discount application, and return reports.
FRAUDULENT ACTIVITY WARNINGS notify storeowners and headquarters of suspicious behaviors and patterns.