Tab Implementations

A mobile and digital signature for norway’s largest bank, Luminor in Estonia


What has been done?

We created and implemented an adaptive and responsive digital internet banking solution along with a mobile signature solution for Luminor (DNB Estonia).

Mobile and digital signature for medicinos bankas


What has been done?

ETRONIKA deployed new authorization methods, such as national ID card based PKI for a second Lithuanian bank, Medicinos Bankas.

A trusted service provider for state registries in lithuania and estonia

2009 – 2013

What has been done?

We implemented and maintained Trusted Service Provider, uniting all mobile operators in Lithuania, the State Enterprise Centre of Registers in Lithuania, and Centre of Registers and Information Systems in Estonia. We developed easily implemented API and service development kit for enterprises, banks, and state and commercial institutions.

Mobile digital signature for siauliu bankas

2013 – 2014

What has been done?

ETRONIKA developed and integrated a PKI authorization solution for Lithuania’s Siauliu bankas. Our mobile banking solution provided mobile signature and e-signature authorization to Siauliu bankas’s customers. Later in 2014, ETRONIKA implemented a securities trading e-platform for Siauliu bankas that also provided secure e-signature authorization methods.