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Providing the best service to your clients is an ongoing endeavor. BANKTRON helps you excel in this endeavor by designing new interactions, streamlining operations, and serving as your most appealing and efficient digital platform. With BANKTRON, you’re equipped to overcome any corporate banking challenge while continually improving your customer service.
HIGHEST SECURITY STANDARDS AND MANAGEMENT– Encrypted user information, transaction records, and user logs.
– Personalized protection.
– Advanced security management including session management, certification-based authentication, and unsuccessful log in tracking.
B2b gateway: Maximize B2B relationships with automated integration between your ERP, banking, and accounting systems via web-services.
– Payroll.
– Standing orders.
– Payment import and statement export.
Sophisticated foreign exchange– Negotiated FX rates.
– VIP FX rates.
– Standard FX with currency calculator.
OPTIMIZED MULTIUSER AND MULTIPLE ROLES PROCESSES – Variable internal and external settings for rights and roles.
– Manageable roles for corporate accounts.
– Ability to grant rights on accounts.
– Client self-administration module for corporate users‘ rights management.
MULTIFACTOR AUTHENTICATION – Support for a variety of Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) methods.
– Integration with many OTP solutions (Comarch tPro, Vasco Digipass, and RSA among others).
– SMS-based OTP scenarios.
– E-signature integration.
– Other advanced ways of authentication.
Operation management – SLA monitoring.
– Operations performance monitoring.
Smooth integration – BANKTRON easily integrates into your existing IT landscape, its advanced connectors support various technologies and different integration methods for core back-office systems and third-party providers.
– Our flexible and scalable modular approach reduces time-to-market for your new products.
– BANKTRON comes with continuous support for system maintenance and an optimal ownership cost.
And many more features