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When it comes to retail banking, we employ innovative solutions to enhance your bank’s core daily features. By enhancing digital interactions, we make your bank more efficient and more user-friendly—a result that creates new opportunities for both your client and your bank.
CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT – Integrated marketing tools give you the power to make data-driven decisions as you target sales, manage campaigns, and direct customer communication.
– Our various communication tools put you in direct contact with your client.
– Geo location features showcase the nearest ATMs, branches, and partners.
HIGHEST SECURITY STANDARDS AND MANAGEMENT – A variety of customer authentication methods.
– Encrypted user information, transaction records, and user logs.
– Personalized protection.
– Advanced security management (session management, certification-based authentication, unsuccessful log in tracking, and other functions).
FRIENDLY, EASY, DAILY BANKING – Easily monitor balances, payments, transactions, FX, cards and other daily operations.
– Make money transfers in a snap with intuitive tools.
– Create multiple profiles (personal and corporate) to ease account management.
SIMPLE AND INTUITIVE DASHBOARD– The user-friendly design is tailored to your branding.
– Social media integration increases customer engagement.
– Attractive graphics clearly represent complex data.
– A wide range of profile settings allow clients to customize their digital banking experience.
SMOOTH INTEGRATION – BANKTRON’s advanced connectors support various technologies and integrate smoothly into existing IT infrastructure, core back-office systems, and third-party providers.
– Our flexible and scalable modular approach reduces time-to-market for your new products.
– BANKTRON comes with continuous system maintenance and optimal ownership costs.
Cloud ready – Private cloud support.
– Running on MS Azure.
– May be deployed on any cloud solution.
And many more features