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Kinect hack lets you manage your bank account with gestures, will occupy your living room

October 22, 2011

You know all those convoluted gestures and hate-infused fist pumps you make every time you look at your bank account? 

Managing Bank Accounts Using Microsoft Kinect

October 21, 2011

ETRONIKA, a Lithuania based software company showed its work using Microsoft Kinect.

Motion-control banking

October 21, 2011

We’ve seen so many ingenious Kinect hacks ranging from something that can save lives to something that’s done purely for fun. 

New Kinect App Adds Arm Wiggles to Bill Pay

October 20, 2011

Kinect is finally making its place in business world and is not just limited to playing games with Xbox. 

New kinect app adds arm wiggles to bill pay

October 19, 2011

It seems someone’s finally producing Kinect content for the hardcore bill-payers, not just the casual ones. 

ETRONIKA Shows off Kinect Banking App

October 18, 2011

ETRONIKA trot out future vision about internet banking by exhibiting personal finance management carried out at home. 

Kinect Banking Software in Development

October 17, 2011

Etronika hopes to be able to sell this technology to banks soon, but Microsoft still doesn’t allow commercial products based off of Kinect to be sold. 

Spice up your bill paying experience with… kinect?

October 16, 2011

In a world of dreary economic times, where people dread paying their bills every month, there is a bright spot to look forward to. 

Banking kinect: pay your bills using xbox kinect

October 15, 2011

Do you fear the fact that your bank you can manage your transactions using actions?  (Well, there’s something notices that we all sometimes like to flip all our banks.) How do you Bank via your Xbox Kinect? 

Kinect-based software lets you pay bills with gestures, gymnastics

October 14, 2011

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — There’s no way around it: Banking sucks.

Etronika kinect-based online banking interface

October 13, 2011

Lithuanian software firm Etronika was on the CTIA exhibit floor this week, showcasing a conceptual interface for online personal banking using a Microsoft Kinect rig connected to a Windows laptop. 

Company shows off kinect banking app

October 12, 2011

People may soon pay bills and manage their banking by waving their hands in front of their TVs, if an application from a Lithuanian company at this week’s CTIA conference proves successful. 

Etronika wins “software developer of the year 2011” award

October 4, 2011

ETRONIKA – a company that develops unique internet and mobile banking solutions for finance world and high quality IT solutions for online business – has won the “Software Developer of the Year 2011” title. 

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ETRONIKA is one of the top 100 most innovative Fintech companies in Europe, offering digital platforms for finance and retail sectors, digital and mobile signature, mobile payments, digital services for point-of-sales terminals and other services. Company is based in Vilnius, Lithuania and is a part of NRD Companies.

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